Cambrian Care Provider and client. Photo courtesy of Cambrain Homecare

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Cambrian Homecare, providing caregiving services in Long Beach and throughout Southern California for more than two decades, is actively seeking to hire trusted care providers who are driven by their passion and commitment to helping others.

A privately-owned company, Cambrian’s diverse and friendly team of skilled workers assists individuals and families with the activities of daily living as well as in-home respite care. It’s meaningful and flexible work that often results in employees forming special, lifelong relationships with the clients they serve and support.

“The service we provide isn’t just a job, it’s a passion,” said Trish Champlin, Associate Director, Corporate Communications. “We are looking for individuals who are capable and passionate about caring for those who aren’t always able to care for themselves. Providing a senior with quality of life and independence or giving relief to hardworking families of children or adults with disabilities requires an exceptional person.”

For those looking to start a career or advance it, caregiver Latasha J. says she enjoys what she does every day at Cambrian because she likes to help people and she knows she works for a company that values her. The work comes with hour flexibility, weekly pay, professional development training, sick pay and health benefits.

“I feel good about what I do,” Latasha says, having worked at Cambrian for nearly a decade.

Cambrian caregiver Salvador B., who has been with the company for more than a decade, shares similar sentiments and says the work he does requires a natural love for others.

“You don’t need the right mindset, you need the right ‘heartset,’” he said.

Another Cambrian caregiver, Esther C., who has been with the company for 24 years, likes to say, “Everyone one day will need a caregiver, so if your heart is in the right place, become a caregiver. Help someone today because tomorrow you will need someone to care for you.”

Part of why Esther has been with Cambrian for so long is because she loves her clients, but she says she also loves her colleagues.

“It is so hard to find an employer who understands and listens to employees,” she said. “Cambrian does its best to be there for their people, and that means so much.”

Those interested in the rewarding field of homecare should call 562-498-1800 or visit our hiring page.

“Tell us about your goals and let us help answer your questions,” said Kari Wells, LVN, Director of Healthcare Services.

For more information about Cambrian Homecare, located at 5199 Pacific Coast Highway, visit