Americans Walsh Jennings and Ross Face Brazilians Today at World-Class Volleyball Tournament

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Club Provides Companionship and Expertise in Training for the Ultimate Runner's Experience

The thought of running 26.2 miles for fun is not a common, dare I say sane, thing for a person to contemplate. Add in the fact that according to Greek prose, the race derives from the ill-fated trip of a courier named Pheidippides delivering news of victory at the Battle of Marathon—he died—and it’s understandable that on average only half of one percent of the United States population has undertaken this challenge before.


US Men's Olympic Water Polo Team Looks to Recover From 0-2 Start in Rio

The United States Olympic Men’s Water Polo Team is having a rough start to their performance in Rio, but is looking to bounce back. Long Beach fans certainly have a close connection to the group as team captain, five-time Olympian, Long Beach resident and Wilson Classical High School alumnus Tony Azevedo is a key player in helping bring the US squad to victory.


A Hash From the Past: Running Club Serves Up Beer, History and Playful Debauchery

The Long Beach Hash House Harriers (LBH3) are part of what’s probably the worst kept secret in the world. Hashers, the name given to members of this running group, have kennels that literally stretch across the globe, yet you wouldn’t know you were seeing a hash in action unless you were invited to be part of this "drinking club with a running problem" that has a history dating back to World War II.