Photo: Dr. Cunningham/ Ortho surgeons using the EOS Imaging System

By: Torin Cunningham, M.D., medical director, Orthopedic Center, MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach

A visit to a doctor is already scary enough for young kids, so having to do a test like an x-ray can be even more intimidating. Trying to explain to a young child they won’t feel anything while coaxing them to lay down on a cold hard table that slides them into a machine can provoke anxiety.

Many parents are also concerned about radiation exposure caused by x-rays.

Luckily, MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach has experts who provide thoughtful care to children and support their families.

When kids need regular x-rays at Miller Children’s & Women’s, we use the EOS Imaging System, which eases patients and parents’ anxiety by providing low dose of radiation with a full body, 2D and 3D images of pediatric patients in a standing position. Currently, Miller Children’s & Women’s is the only children’s hospital from the South Bay to Orange County that offers the EOS Imaging System.

EOS can be used for children with hip, knee, or spine conditions. Because of the lower dose of radiation, it is ideal for children who require multiple X-rays during their treatment, like patients with scoliosis.

The Orthopedic Center at Miller Children’s & Women’s uses EOS to gather highly detailed information about a patient’s unique anatomy and better assist their pediatric orthopedic specialists with diagnosing patients. This data can also be used for developing a customized surgical plan to help improve overall patient outcomes.

Some of the benefits that using EOS provides include:

  • Two to three times less radiation than a standard X-ray — An extremely important feature for patients who need regular x-rays for their condition. It was previously unheard of to generate a 3D model of a patient’s musculoskeletal system with as little radiation EOS exposes patients to.
  • Extremely detailed, high-quality images — The EOS Imaging System delivers a highly accurate view of the musculoskeletal system in around 20 seconds. EOS can also use 2D measurements to create a 3D model of patients, which helps surgeons better plan surgeries or diagnose patients.
  • Convenient for patients — With EOS, patients no longer need to fear being stuck in a big metal tube or wearing heavy and uncomfortable protective garments. Patients simply enter the EOS system and EOS scans them while they stand upright.

With this innovative technology at our fingertips, the Orthopedic Center at MemorialCare can deliver the right amount of radiation at the right time, while easing anxieties of children and teens. That is the value of taking your child to a full-service children’s hospital with pediatric-trained specialists rather than an area hospital that primarily treats adults.