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By: Ali Khoynezhad M.D., medical director of aortic and arrhythmia surgery at MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute at Long Beach Medical Center

The comprehensive Aortic Program at MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute at Long Beach Medical Center has grown to become one of the largest aortic programs in the West Coast. The multidisciplinary team of cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, radiologists and cardiologists offer the entire spectrum of open, endovascular rand hybrid operation to reduce the impact on the patient and enhance recovery. Our team has access to technological advances and new stent grafts that only a few hospitals have access to. One example is the branched stent grafts for the aortic arch.

The GORE® TAG® Thoracic Branch Endoprosthesis is an FDA-approved stent graph and commercially available treatment for complex aortic disease used to repair the damage to the largest artery located in the chest. Branched stent grafts offer a new, less invasive technique, helping to reduce the patient’s length of stay in the hospital and improve recovery. This innovative and efficient treatment option is proving to be beneficial to patients with aortic disease that would otherwise require open surgical repair and is helping patients recover quickly and resume normal activities much sooner.

Aortic pathologies are one of the top ten leading causes of death. Many patients with aortic disease such as aneurysms, tears in the inner lining of the vessel, and ulcers may not notice their symptoms for years, so it is important to have regular checkups and share your symptoms as well as family medical history with your doctor. When seeking treatment for a heart or aortic condition, it’s important to select an accredited medical facility with heart and vascular specialists that can offer the most advanced diagnostics, a minimally invasive treatment approach, cardiac rehabilitation and thorough support and care.

MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute at Long Beach Medical Center continues to be at the forefront of medical and cardiac innovations and implanted the first branched GORE TAG stent graft in Southern California. MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute offers personalized prevention programs, world-renowned physicians, leading diagnostic screenings, advanced treatment, rehabilitation and leading-edge research.  Our care team diagnoses cardiovascular disease using the most advanced, non-invasive, and minimally invasive approaches and uses the latest in cardiovascular imaging equipment to provide a high-quality, integrated approach.

Patients who are part of the MemorialCare Medical Group network also benefit from seamless access to care and providers through Long Beach Medical Center and the MyChart patient health records portal. Long Beach Medical Center-affiliated physicians are locally and nationally recognized in their area of expertise and the hospital has been recognized as a major regional provider for medical and cardiac surgical services.

MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute at Long Beach Medical Center is the top growing cardiac surgery hospital program in the region and recognized by Healthgrades as a Five-Star Recipient for treatment of heart failure and recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a ‘High-Performing Hospital’ for heart attack, heart failure and aortic valve surgery. Long Beach Medical Center was recently granted a 3-star ranking in the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Composite Quality Rating for Medications for 2022. Additionally, MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute at Long Beach Medical Center has been granted a three-year term of accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Echocardiography in the area(s) of Adult Transthoracic and Adult Stress. This latest accreditation awarded demonstrates the facility’s ongoing commitment to providing quality patient care in echocardiography.

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