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Victims of personal injury accidents, such as serious injuries suffered from catastrophic car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents, are entitled to financial recovery for the losses that resulted from an accident. However, multiple factors can significantly influence the amount of recovery. To optimize your personal injury case, consider the following steps.

Seek Medical Attention… Always

Due to shock or even the belief that injuries were not sustained, some may forgo seeking medical treatment–which is, unfortunately, very detrimental to a personal injury claim.

Regardless of the apparent severity of injuries, it is crucial to undergo a prompt examination by a physician. This is not just important in regards to health, but it is paramount to a case’s outcome, as well.

Additionally, detailed medical records and corresponding medical bills are pivotal in determining a case’s value, forming the foundation of the settlement amount. Therefore, keep in mind that medical evidence plays a crucial role in a successful claim.

Be Wary of Social Media Posts

It is strongly advisable to refrain from posting on social media while the case is ongoing. Anything shared could potentially be used against the personal injury case by the insurance company.

For instance, images or videos displaying any form of physical activity may contradict statements regarding reported injuries.

Even private social media accounts can be accessed through legal procedures, such as “discovery.” This is the process of gathering evidence for a trial, allowing the insurance company to subpoena passwords in order to view social media accounts.

Err on the side of caution; avoid posting about the status of injuries, updates on medical treatment, comments or jokes about the accident, or anything that could be interpreted as minimizing the seriousness of injuries.

Immediately Preserve Evidence

It is not only important to retain evidence, but it is important to retain it as soon as possible. As time passes, vital information can be lost or destroyed.

Therefore, keep everything–no matter how small it may appear. This may include:

  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • Police report, documenting the circumstances of the accident, when it occurred, where it occurred, and names of the parties involved
  • Medical records pertaining to the diagnosed injuries and treatment plan
  • Witness statements that provide an account of what happened from a third-party
  • All e-mail correspondence with the other party or the insurance company
  • Any other documentation supporting the personal injury claim

Never Accept the Initial Offer

It may come as a surprise that cases are often worth more than the initial settlement. This is particularly true when accounting for future damages. Achieving full recovery takes time, and accepting an offer before treatment concludes excludes accumulated medical expenses from the final settlement.

Furthermore, insurance companies generally consider current losses, while overlooking future ongoing medical treatments like physical therapy or surgeries.

Other areas insurance companies are notorious for excluding from a settlement are non-economic damages, like pain and suffering, as the goal is to minimize the final payout as much as possible.

Unfortunately, once an offer has been accepted, the opportunity to sue for additional compensation becomes void.

Consult an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

The legal system is intricate, but working with experienced personal injury attorneys simplifies the claims process. They accomplish this by thoroughly evaluating a case, gathering essential evidence, and negotiating for an optimal settlement.

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