Chic yet sleek design with floor-to-ceiling windows and modern chairs deliver unmatched comfort.

July 18, 2023– Long Beach, CA – A celebration is underway for Long Beach salon owner Oscar Vasquez, and he couldn’t be more grateful. July marks the month the California native made his career dream a reality 10 years ago when he opened The Studio O Salon in Naples, California.

“Our opening day was July 17, 2013, recalls Vasquez, I was 35 years old, and it feels like yesterday. We started with 5 seats and a talented team of 5 stylists including myself. 10 years later, we have an A+ roster of 10 stylists, assistants, and interns. It’s been an incredibly gratifying journey growing this local business in Long Beach.”

Vasquez, a proclaimed people person with an eye for style, takes great pride in partnering with skilled artisans who share his passion for producing top quality results. The stylists at the Studio O are friends who often spend time outside of work together.

“The Studio O is not only a true mark of craftsmanship, but we provide a joyful, super welcoming, supportive environment for our clients,” said Vasquez, whose been styling hair for more than two decades.

The salon’s chic yet sleek design has floor-to-ceiling windows, colorful pop art and modern styling chairs that deliver unmatched comfort to its clients.

“I did not pick this job, this job picked me,” Vasquez said. “It doesn’t’ feel like I work—it’s fun, and I’m doing something that really fills my heart, and I simply love my Studio Family, I’m living my best life – in constant joy.”

Vasquez, who currently lives in Long Beach with his husband and their two dogs, Millie and Tchin Tchin, feels that the Studio O is just scratching the surface of what’s to come in the future for the salon and the Long Beach community.

The Studio O is located at 5580 E. 2nd Street. Appointments are highly recommended.

For more details, call 562-438-9694 or visit