City of Hope is a nationally ranked top-10 cancer center and one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the country. Its comprehensive network of advanced cancer care includes City of Hope Long Beach Elm, City of Hope Long Beach Worsham, and City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center — the most advanced comprehensive cancer center in Orange County and home to the three most innovative radiotherapy systems available.

“The broad range of treatment technologies in our radiation oncology suite combined with quicker treatment times means our team can care for more patients each day, and patients with particularly challenging diagnoses can be treated in fewer treatment sessions,” said Percy Lee, M.D., Medical Director of Orange County & Coastal Region Radiation Oncology, City of Hope Orange County, and Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Department of Radiation Oncology, City of Hope.


The MRIdian radiotherapy system targets complex tumors that may be difficult to treat with more traditional therapies. MRIdian combines two technologies — real-time, diagnostic-quality MRI capabilities and an advanced linear accelerator on a single platform. This combination allows the targeting of tumors exactly where they are at any given moment, increasing radiation to cancer cells while decreasing the risk of damage to healthy cells.

Ethos by Varian

City of Hope is the first in Orange County to launch an Ethos adaptive radiation program. The Ethos system leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and CT images obtained while the patient is in treatment. This personalizes the therapy based on the patient’s anatomy and position at the time of treatment. And Ethos is designed to deliver an entire adaptive treatment in 15–30 minutes, from patient setup through treatment delivery.

TrueBeam by Varian

The TrueBeam radiotherapy system provides a variety of treatment techniques to address a broad range of cancer cases. Technology integration enables clinicians to treat a wider array of cancer cases using a diverse range of radiation therapies.

Having multiple radiotherapy options ensures City of Hope Orange County radiation oncologists have a full toolkit from which to select the right therapy that works best for each patient’s cancer at the right time.

A pioneering physician leader at the forefront of innovation, Lee has established the radiation oncology research network from the ground up at City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center – the most advanced comprehensive cancer center in Orange County – where he is part of a team of renowned physician-scientists leading next-level cancer treatment and research.

Renowned for a legacy of pioneering research and cancer breakthroughs, City of Hope discoveries impact 100 million people around the world each year. Patients have access to City of Hope’s 600 physicians and 1,000 researchers and scientists solely dedicated to ending cancer. Breakthrough treatments, leading-edge technology, precision medicine and compassionate care are rooted in more than 100 years of expertise.

Hope is where cancer loses and life wins.

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