Rare California Bungalow, “Airplane Duplex” Constructed in 1913. Image - Centennial Properties

Curt Newnes has been in the residential property management business for 35 years. Centennial Properties, the company he owns, is a boutique, residential management company that has been serving tenants and property owners in the Coastal Long Beach Area, exclusively over all those years. Centennial has developed an image of providing excellent service to their Client/Owners and Customer/Tenants.

Classic Craftsman, 4 Unit Building Constructed in 1911. Photo – Centennial Properties

Centennial Properties aims to make the lives of their tenants and property owners a bit easier. Their friendly & responsible staff understands that having a lousy landlord can make a tenant’s life miserable and are determined to be the opposite. Whether you are a prospective tenant in search of a new home or a property owner in need of a reliable manager, Centennial Properties is ready to assist you.

Post War Constructed Italianate, 10 Unit Building Constructed in 1947. Photo – Centennial Properties

If you choose to do business with them, they will work diligently to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction. They are eager to meet new clients and customers to establish long-lasting relationships. Trust Centennial Properties to take care of your property and tenants, and they will strive to exceed your expectations. They have been in the residential property management business since 1988, the Centennial Year that celebrated the founding of their great city of Long Beach. Their office is located in the same West Belmont Heights neighborhood they have served for the past 35 years and is within 2.5 miles of every property they manage. Their location allows them the logistical advantage necessary to continue to deliver high quality services to their tenants and the owners who hire them to manage their properties.

To learn more about Centennial Properties, visit www.centprop.com. Alternatively, make an appointment to visit them in person by calling 562-438-7125. For questions or comments about Centennial please visit their blog.