A revolution is unfolding. Welcome to a new era of cannabis consumption, where innovation meets elegance, and technology marries sophistication. OOKA, in collaboration with seven9, is poised to redefine how we experience cannabis.

OOKA emerges as a beacon of change, a creation of impeccable artistry and functional brilliance. Imagine a device crafted by a former Dyson engineer, meticulously designed to elevate every inhalation into an experience of sheer sophistication. This is OOKA, where form meets function in a dance of precision and style. Let’s take a closer look at the device that changes the game for cannabis connoisseurs.

Meet OOKA: Revolutionizing Cannabis Inhalation

If you think OOKA looks familiar, you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s no coincidence that the aptly named device resembles a hookah, but this upgraded version is nothing like its predecessor. For starters, there is no charcoal, no shisha, and no mess. OOKA is specifically designed for cannabis use, and to be even more specific–for the accompanying seven9 pods.

OOKA was designed and created by a former Dyson engineer, so it’s safe to say this luxury device was created by minds who know a thing or two about the intersection of aesthetics and technology.

It’s easily approachable for first-time cannabis consumers and equally desired by longtime fans. This modernized weed hookah ushers in a new era for cannabis inhalation devices that transcends any dab rig, flower vaporizer, Volcano, or pen you’ve ever experienced.

Photo courtesy of OOKA.

Marrying Elegance With Cutting-edge Technology

When you hear people talk about converging fashion and function, OOKA takes the cake on nailing this perfectly. There is zero guesswork with how it works, and that’s a part of the beauty of its design.

Heat-Not-Burn System

The innovative heat-not-burn system is at the core of OOKA’s revolutionary design. Unlike traditional methods that rely on combustion, where cannabis is burned at high temperatures, OOKA takes a different approach.

Here’s how it works: Instead of igniting the material, OOKA gently heats it, releasing the active compounds in the form of vapor. This means you’re inhaling a clean, smooth vapor rather than smoke, which can be harsh on the lungs.

This process has several key advantages. First and foremost, it drastically reduces harmful byproducts associated with smoking, providing a more health-conscious alternative. Additionally, it allows for precise control over the temperature, ensuring that you get the most out of your cannabis without any of the drawbacks commonly associated with combustion.

In essence, it’s a more refined and sophisticated way to experience cannabis. It combines the potency and flavor of traditional methods with the health-consciousness and precision of modern technology, resulting in a truly elevated experience.

Familiar, Yet Modern Design

At first glance, OOKA may evoke a sense of familiarity, resembling the iconic form of a hookah. However, a closer look reveals a design that is refreshingly modern and forward-thinking.The clean, seamless edges and sleek inhalation hoses of OOKA are a testament to its contemporary craftsmanship. Every aspect of the device has been meticulously designed to provide not only a functional tool for cannabis consumption but also an elegant piece of art. The marriage of form and function is where OOKA truly shines.

Furthermore, OOKA offers users the choice between two timeless color options: classic black and pristine white. This allows for a personalized touch, ensuring that your OOKA seamlessly integrates into your space, whether it be a sleek, modern setting or a cozy, inviting environment.

In essence, OOKA’s design strikes the perfect balance between the familiar and the cutting-edge. It pays homage to the rich tradition of communal cannabis consumption while boldly stepping into the future of sophisticated cannabis devices.

Photo courtesy of OOKA.

The seven9 Pod System Simplifies the Experience

Another one of the facets that makes OOKA stand out is that the cannabis part of the experience is incredibly simplified. It’s been described as the “Nespresso of cannabis” because of the pod-based environment. Unlike a traditional hookah, there are no coals or shisha, no grinding up weed or packing bowls. Instead, the seven9 pods are tailor-made for OOKA, offering a seamless experience with big flavor and effect.

Effects-Based Pods: Tailored Experiences for Every Mood

When imagining what the pods might contain, the crew behind the science at seven9 could have just filled them with any old strain that fit into the season. Instead, they launched effects-based pods to deliver a curated experience based on the cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Each pod contains one gram of whole flower, with curated terpene blends. These formulas are a perfect starting point for anyone looking for more control over their cannabis experience. High tolerance? Opt for the high THC in the Just Vibe (indica) or the Happy Hour (sativa).

One of the favored pods among OOKA enthusiasts is the Get Zen. This pod contains equal doses of CBD and THC thanks to strains Wedding Pie and The Gift. With terpenes like a-bisabolol and terpinene, you’re in for a mellow, centered, and balanced high.

For anyone preferring higher CBD content with low THC, check out the Zone In and No Worries pods.

Infused Pods: Flavorful Adventures in Every Session

When it comes to crafting an unforgettable cannabis experience, OOKA leaves no stone unturned. The infused pods from seven9 are a testament to this dedication, infused with a cannabis extract known as live resin. But what makes live resin so special?

Live resin is a concentrated form of cannabis extract that retains a remarkable depth of flavor and aroma. Unlike traditional extracts, which are typically processed from dried and cured cannabis, live resin is created from fresh, flash-frozen plants. This freezing process preserves the plant’s terpene profile in its most vibrant state, resulting in a sensory explosion of flavors.

There are three different types of live resin infused pods, so you can try them out in sativa, indica, or hybrid. Each pod contains whole flower infused with live resin, and features a hefty dose of terpene content for a full-body, full-spectrum experience.

Photo courtesy of OOKA.

OOKA’s Contribution to a Social Cannabis Culture

In a world where cannabis consumption is evolving, OOKA stands at the forefront of a movement towards more social, shared experiences. This sleek and elegant device isn’t just about personal indulgence; it’s designed to be a centerpiece of communal moments.

Gone are the days of passing around a joint or huddling in circles. OOKA reimagines the way we come together over cannabis. Its intuitive design and thoughtful engineering encourage sharing and create a seamless experience for all involved. With the option to pass the hose, each person can take a draw at their own pace, no rush, no pressure.

OOKA’s range of effects-based and infused pods cater to various preferences and moods, making it an inclusive experience for everyone present. Whether you’re aiming for a serene, meditative state or a vibrant, energizing high, there’s a pod to suit the occasion.

Embrace the Future of Cannabis Devices

In a world where cannabis consumption is evolving, OOKA leads the way. Its thoughtful engineering, sleek design, and diverse pod offerings set a new standard for what a cannabis device can be. As you step into this new era of cannabis inhalation, remember it’s not just about consumption; it’s about experiencing cannabis more mindfully. With OOKA, every inhale is an adventure, and every exhale is a moment of zen. Elevate your cannabis experience and embrace OOKA.

You can test drive OOKA at an event, or even in your own home. Sign up and find out how you can try it for yourself.