By: Anne LaNova, Executive Director of Digital Consumer Experience, MemorialCare

In an era defined by the fast pace of daily life, finding time for health care can be challenging. Virtual care helps people make their health a priority while maintaining the pace of their daily lives, especially during the cold and flu season.

MemorialCare is committed to redefining health care accessibility, and its virtual care services stand ready 24/7, ensuring individuals can seek medical advice, anytime. By eliminating the need for individuals to gather their family and young children to travel to a physical office, virtual health visits help to minimize exposure to the flu and other illnesses.

MemorialCare’s Virtual Urgent Care also helps individuals receive all the care they would receive in one of MemorialCare’s Urgent Cares – from quickly consulting health care professionals, receiving timely diagnoses, and beginning appropriate treatment.

To assist patients in receiving care from home, MemorialCare offers the MemorialCare Virtual Exam Kit, powered by TytoCare™. The Virtual Exam Kit brings greater sophistication to your virtual appointment, allowing the technology to relay real-time data like heart and lung sounds to the physician, helping create an even more accurate diagnosis.

This FDA-cleared, handheld device empowers individuals to perform guided medical exams with their providers. Specially designed adapters capture heart and lung sounds, body temperature, as well as images of the throat, ears, and skin, allowing for a comprehensive virtual examination. Today, providers can diagnose, treat, and manage even more conditions virtually than ever before.

With the MemorialCare Virtual Exam Kit, a secure connection is established between the patient and health care team, allowing for a thorough comprehension of their health. This innovative approach not only enhances the traditional virtual visit but also ensures individuals can proactively manage their health while minimizing exposure to seasonal illnesses. With Virtual Care, MemorialCare does more than meet their patients’ medical needs, it exceeds them.

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