themoonA new Long Beach theatre company will premiere a play called The Moon, The Sun and The Empty Space tomorrow at the Long Beach Playhouse.

The company, Little Tree Theatre, was founded by CSULB alumnae David Anis and Annalisa Sevaly after the two worked together on MisShapen at the Long Beach Playhouse in 2013.

“Through this experience, we realized that there are many incredible designers, performers, directors, writers and producers in our community that are capable of amazing work, but just need the opportunity and support to hone their craft and share it with the world,” Sevaly said in a statement issued by Little Tree Theatre.

Little Tree Theatre said in the statement its goal is to share its art with the community while creating opportunities for emerging artists to explore new work.

The company will premiere “The Moon, The Sun and The Empty Space” as part of the Long Beach Playhouse’s Collaborative Season.

According to Little Tree Theatre, “The devised piece offers an interactive theatre experience where the audience becomes the storyteller. Working closely with ClownMa dell’Arte, the two emerging theatre companies invite the audience to embark on a journey through music, movement, mask, shadow play and puppetry.”

“The Moon, The Sun and The Empty Space” will be performed on the Studio Stage at the Long Beach Playhouse, located at 5021 East Anaheim Street, from March 6 through March 8. Showtimes vary and can be found by clicking here. Tickets are $15.