“Visible Sound,” an impromptu jam session and live painting was showcased during Long Beach’s Second Saturday Artwalk on Saturday, Jan. 12 at Graphaids.

Curated by Vincent Martinez, aka NiceGuyxVinny, the all-ages event featured Tom Reyes, aka The SUSH, who has collaborated with jazz musicians worldwide for decades bringing “Visible Sound” to life. The unity between sound and color also featured the musical talents of Rogerio Jardim on drums, Grecco Buratto on guitar, Bobby Mustol at the keyboards and electronic trumpet. NiceGuyxVinny DJ’d.

Since 1991, Reyes has been doing “Visible Sound” all around the world and recently, the co-mingling of sound and color caught Martinez’s eye who then became determined to bring it to Long Beach. With the help of Graphaids manager Nelson Magdaleno, Martinez eventually found a home for it in the East Village Arts District neighborhood.

“All I knew is that if I was to be involved with something, I wanted it to be different,” Martinez said. “Luckily Rogerio Jardim was able to help connect those dots to make it happen. I also wanted to bring some more attention to the store and remind people how important it is for the community, showing that not only is it a place to buy materials for your creativity in the physical realm, it can also be a place to witness something that fills you with inspiration and fuels your creativity mentally.”