Last month, the Long Beach Camerata Singers held a low-profile, outdoor concert in the Los Cerritos Neighborhood, performing to an audience of about 50. The show was a trial-run of sorts, to see if people could responsibly uphold social distancing, mask-wearing and all that good stuff. It went well.

So, Long Beach Camerata Singer’s President, Jan Hower, gave the green light for a free, encore performance that’s set to occur this weekend, Saturday, August 8 at 6:30 p.m. Where is it? Well,  that’s kind of a secret. It’s in the Los Cerritos Neighborhood/Virginia Country Club area, but to get the address you’ll have to RSVP first to find out. The location’s address will be sent afterward, in a confirmation email.

The outdoor concert series they’re calling “Camerata in the Neighborhood” features one pianist and an ensemble of four Camerata singers—a soprano, alto, tenor and bass—performing a 45-minute selection of classical, contemporary and pop numbers. From Brahms “Liebeslieder” to Broadway’s “Wicked,” with “God Bless America” thrown into the mix.

This time, the concert will be at a different home in the Los Cerritos Neighborhood, one that’s a little more spacious, allowing for a group of about 75 to comfortably listen to the performance while adhering to social distancing. All guests are required to wear a mask and are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs, blankets and umbrellas for shade. There will be no drinks or refreshments served.

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Camerata Singers and since celebration plans and performances had to be postponed, these outdoor concerts are a welcome escape and reprieve for performers and audiences alike.

“This music is like a free pass to express your emotions in an acceptable way,” Jan Hower, President of the Long Beach Camerata Singers, said. “Our music has a unique capacity to engage the listener’s emotions and people need that, you know, this is an emotional time.”

In the event that Saturday’s performance is all booked, a third outdoor performance, featuring a selection of new songs, will take place Tuesday, August 18. An RSVP is required of that, also.

To RSVP for the “Camerata in the Neighborhood” porch side concerts, email “[email protected]” with the subject line, “I Would Like to Attend Camerata’s Front Porch Concert.” Attendees must state how many people will be in their party. If capacity is not exceeded, a confirmation email including the address of the location will be sent back. The concert is free to attend.