Logan Crow and the Long Beach Cinematheque are bringing Donnie Darko, a film with close ties to Long Beach, back to the city this weekend.

According to movie-locations.com, a few Long Beach locations were used during the filming of the 2001 sci-fi film starring Jake Gyllenhaal.


The mock-Tudor mansion belonging to sleazy motivational speaker Jim Cunningham (Patrick Swayze) is located at 4252 Country Club Drive.


Titular character Donnie Darko’s home, which is obliterated by a falling jet engine at the start of the film, is located nearby at 4225 Country Club Drive.

Crow said he’s excited to bring “Donnie Darko” to Sunnyside Cemetery on Friday night as part of the summertime cinema series.

“Donnie Darko is one of those films that – like most works of art that are surreal and driven more by mood and symbolism than simple narrative – resonates differently from person to person,” Crow said. “I’m excited to share it with those who love it, and those who’ve never seen it and will more than likely be moved and surprised by it, at Sunnyside Cemetery — a perfect setting for a haunting film dealing in death and rebirth.”

“Donnie Darko” will screen at the Sunnyside Cemetery, located at 1095 E. Willow Street,  with gates opening at 6:30PM and the movie starting at 8:30PM on Friday. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online by clicking here.