If you’ve had an ear to the ground of the Long Beach music scene, there’s a strong chance you’ve caught wind of the name Dustin Lovelis. Some might remember the multi-instrumentalist as the primary vocalist and songwriter for indie pop-rock outfit, The Fling, which produced five studio albums and toured internationally before going on hiatus in 2014.

In more recent years, you’ve likely seen the artist’s name on the roster of shows all over the city’s live music offerings, including the inaugural Music Tastes Good Festival in 2016, where then Lovelis was just a year into his solo career.

Now emerging from the creative depths of undertaking a new album, his third solo endeavor, the musician and composer is taking stage at Retro Row’s Art Theatre this Friday to celebrate the release of his record “In Your Chamber,” a 10-track LP Long Beach record label, Park the Van, calls “painfully beautiful.”

“This is by far the most vulnerable I have ever been on an album. It almost served as a form of therapy for me,” Lovelis explains. “It’s a love letter to my son who, due to health complications, was never born. It’s also a commentary on the wild world he would have entered—fears of AI, nuclear war and the political climate in general.”

Supporting Lovelis is the genre-blending rock group The Blank Tapes, fronted by another multi-instrumentalist, Matt Adams, who has produced over a dozen albums of 1960’s inspired folk, rock, surf, psych, soul and pop with labels Volcom, Burger Records, Antenna Farm and others.

There will also be psychedelic visuals by artist Bill Gazer, because why not make a show as visually unique as it is sonically?

Dustin Lovelis “In Your Chamber” release show is Friday at The Art Theatre; 2025 E. Fourth St. Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10, and may be purchased here.

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