2131 E Broadway, (562) 439-0309 11AM-9PM

Parking: Private Lot Credit Cards: YES

Chen’s Chinese Restaurant – Online Menu
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Chen’s Chinese Restaurant is undoubtedly one of our favorites. If you have never been there, take a trip over to Broadway and Junipero. I know that when most people think about Chinese food they think take out. Chen’s will do take out, but you really need to post up in a red booth, enjoy a big glass of water and some hot tea, and take in the experience. The servers are great; they are always right there and ready to bring you anything on their large menu. From their delicious varieties of fried rice to perfectly done tofu, you will find it all and will not be let down, Foodie’s Honor!

The food is served family style; the way we usually go is one entree per person which is then shared on the Lazy Susan. One of the greatest things about Chen’s is that all of the large tables have Lazy Susans so that all at the table can share with ease. The Orange Chicken is some of the best that I have ever had. It is sweet, slightly spicy and very flavorful; they bring it to you on a large bed of fried wontons, which is awesome. Another favorite dish is Chen’s Chow Fun, which is rice noodles accompanied by chicken, shrimp, beef, and bamboo shoots. Other recommended items include Kung Pao Bean Curd, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, and, last but not least, Chicken and Green Beans.

Chen’s has been a stand by for many years now and we have turned many people on to the place. If you like your Chinese food spicy you will need to order it that way, because even when the menu warns you it is pretty mild by my standards. When you decide to enjoy this experience I recommend that you ask for Frank. This man is the nicest guy that you will ever meet. He is a great server and when you are done he will even box your food up for you, now that’s service. I hope that I was able to give some insight to this amazing place.

Until next time, keep eating Long Beach,