Eager customers lined up early Saturday morning to snag one (or many) of the uniquely flavored donuts from East Long Beach’s newest bakery, Moonbridge Doughnut Studio.

Co-owners Anabelle Brown and Kim Gros have been working for months to get the doors to their colorful bakery near El Dorado Park West open, but the concept has been years in the making.

Imagine Wes Anderson had a little sister who opened a donut shop in Long Beach — that’s how Brown has described it.

Moonbridge offers a rotating menu of donuts like Vietnamese coffee, blueberry pie, campfire pancake, almond citrusy poppyseed old fashioned (yes, that’s one flavor) and more flavors “you’ve probably never tried,” Brown has said.

Prices range from $3.50 to $4.50 per donut. Each donut is baked in-house and from scratch, which means once they sell out, they’re out. But customers are encouraged to try something different or grab some Stereoscope Coffee served in the shop.

Soft opening hours will be from 7 a.m. to noon daily. Check Moonbridge Doughnut Studio’s Instagram for updates on operating hours and what’s sold out.

Check out our visit to the bakery here here.

Moonbridge Doughnut Studio is located at 6344 E. Spring Street.