MVP’s Grill and Deli – Online Menu

3701 E 4th Street, Long Beach CA, 90814 (562) 439-0809

11AM to 9PM; Phone orders are accepted

As we all know, Long Beach is home to many little hot spots that have unique cult followings. As a person that loves the hole in the wall with great food, I would like to tell you about one of my favorites. That little shack on 4th Street with the blinking sign (and a hungry line) is MVP’s, a Long Beach original that has been around for over 100 years.

The menu looks like a sports almanac with burgers, sandwiches, salads, dressings, and fries that all stand up to being named after the sporting greats. If sandwiches are your bag, the Mary Lou Retton will certainly come through for you. It is a limber combination of Turkey, Ortega Chili, Cheese and the famous Cajun dressing on toasted sourdough bread. The burgers bear the name of George Foreman and his like named children; all start out with the same framework of an American cheeseburger and then distinguish themselves with an array of different toppings. My favorite is the George Foreman IV, a cheeseburger topped with Bacon, Avocado, lettuce and tomato on a soft delicious bun that cannot be beat anywhere.

The sandwiches and side orders go together like Misty May and Kerri Walsh. Their French Fries, whether served up plain or covered in chili, cheese, or Cajun seasoning, are all guaranteed not to drop the ball. My personal favorite is Cajun Cheese Fries with a side of ranch dressing (the best that you will taste).

If you like to eat on the healthy side, there is an array of salads and sandwiches that will be a home run for you as well. If you have never been there, or even if you are a devoted fan like me, make the time to stop in and enjoy a meal that will surely end up in your record book.