Hamburgers Nice will be serving up their smash burgers at Heritage Farm Saturday, March 2. Photo courtesy of Hamburgers Nice.

Long Beach-based pop-up Hamburgers Nice will be serving up its burgers, fries and more during a collaboration with Heritage restaurant, which will bring back its popular brisket sandwich, on Saturday, March 2.

The pop-up will take place at the Heritage Farm space on Gladys Avenue starting at 5 p.m. until sellout.

Prior to winning its Michelin-star award and serving a dinner-only six-course tasting menu, Heritage had a daytime sandwich shop with masterfully prepared seasonal produce and proteins on Hey Brother Baker bread.

One of its most popular sandwiches featured hours-long smoked brisket, sliced thick, and layered with slaw, house-made pickles and aioli. The Heritage team is bringing back that sandwich and its potato salad side for Saturday’s event.

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Joining them will be Hamburgers Nice, a smashburger pop-up created and headed by Chef Jairo Bogarin.

Bogarin delivers upscale versions of classic fast food menu items like tributes to the double western cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. or animal-style fries from In-N-Out with high-quality, fresh ingredients that are made to order.

The concept has also pushed the bounds of traditional thinking about burgers. At Hamburgers Nice, it’s not just beef patties and buns, some of the most popular items come from its breakfast menu like the chorizo burger with chile de arbol sauce, an egg and queso Oaxaca. The pop-up can often be found at Good Time for breakfast, lunch or dinner hours.

For Saturday’s menu, Bogarin will feature a specialty burger and a lunch burger with two beef patties, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles and more.

Fries, beer, wine and music will also be part of the backyard-style event.

Given the popularity of both concepts, arriving early is recommended.

Heritage Farm is at 1336 Gladys Avenue. Updates about where Hamburgers Nice will be can be found on Instagram