Plant-based burger joint VBurger on Retro Row will close its doors mid- to late April, owner Alex Armstrong announced on Instagram Monday morning.

“Due to the combination of a rise in prices of all our food service products and the volume of our sales, we are unable to continue operating at this time,” the post read.

Armstrong has declined to provide more detail on the closure for now.

The vegan restaurant has offered plant-based alternatives for burgers, mac and cheese, chili, burritos, sausage dogs and more since husband-and-wife duo Alex and Paula Armstrong opened at 420 Cherry Ave. in 2020.

The couple made a name for themselves in Long Beach before opening their brick-and-mortar through a series of pop-ups as they worked to perfect their recipes.

“We have really enjoyed meeting and chatting with all you lovely people. Our goal was always to show folks vegan food can be as tasty as non-vegan food and I think we achieved that by all the amazing reviews we have received from the non-vegan community,” Monday’s post read.

In mid-February, the eatery called on the community to support the business as it struggled with “unprecedented challenges,” according to an Instagram post.

“To ensure our survival, we invite you to visit our store or order online. Your presence will not only make a significant impact on our bottom line but will also help preserve a local business that has been a part of this community for the last 4 years,” the Feb. 15 post read.

Armstrong’s Monday post read “…we remain hopeful for new opportunities in the future.” He encouraged followers to stay connected with the business on social media for updates and developments.

Armstrong’s post also said that VBurger is planning to host a big farewell party, “Long Beach style.”

VBurger is located at 420 Cherry Ave. Updates on their Instagram page can be found here, and more information can be found on their website here.

Maison Tran is a fellow at the Long Beach Post. Reach him at [email protected].