The First Annual Holiday Bar Crawl was a success. We started at Legends and had some dinner and met up with a few of the crew. We then moved on to Murphy’s, which is where it really started to come together. By the time we had a few pitchers the group was up to about 20. Next was Panama Joe’s. We had 25 people with us and, being the bargain hunters that we are, told them that if they would waive the cover that we would come in. They were gracious enough to cut it in half, but we opted to go the complimentary route and filled up AI. We spent about an hour and had a few pitchers before seeing the line at Shannon’s. In a unanimous decision we moved on to Crows and closed her down. We all had a wonderful time, and the Foodies would like to thank all that made it out. We hope to see all you and more next year.