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With sayings on their sign such as, “You can lick our chops, but you can’t beat our meat,” how could it be possible to pass this butcher shop and not stop in just to take a look? I was turned on to The Beef Palace and its owner Calvin by some good friends that used to live around the corner. As you pull up and see the big plastic cow sitting out front, as well as the smokers that are made to look like cows, you know that you must be in the right place. If that was not enough to get you inside, the smell of fresh cut meat coming out the door will. If talking about the smell of freshly butchered meat makes you feel sick in anyway, please stop reading and realize that this article is not for you!

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As you walk in, all you can see is meat cases filled with all kinds of high grade, butchered in-house, meats. There are usually a few sides of cow—getting ready to be turned into dinner—hanging from hooks in the back, and all you have to do is look through the glass and point. For me this place makes my heart do funny things, and it doesn’t matter if it is from joy or a clogged artery, it makes me happy. You can choose from all cuts of USDA Prime Beef, Kobe Beef, some chicken, and pig. I personally love the rib eyes. They are thick cut, marbled with all the good fat, and if cooked correctly, they will blow the steak you get at any high end steakhouse out of the water. I also really enjoy their ribs. There are always tons of meats on the racks and as mentioned before, if cooked correctly the meat will effortlessly fall off the bone.

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While you are choosing all the things that you want to take home with you, they will ask if you want it to be seasoned. Just say, “YES PLEASE!” I know that you are thinking that you have a better special rub at home that you make, and it is better than anything else, but whatever. If you don’t like it the first time, you can go back to your own concoction, but first just try what they have. You will not see vegetables here; you might be able to get some potatoes if you get there early enough, and they are the size of Nerf footballs. Everything here is American-sized, and it is my kind of place. The only warnings I have for you are that the prices reflect the quality, and they only accept cash or check, so be prepared.

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Go say hi to Calvin and his staff at the Beef Palace the next time you are looking for a great meal or want to impress your guests; I promise you will not be disappointed. Oh and don’t forget to tell them that LB Food Review sent you!

The Beef Palace is located at 5895 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, (714) 846-0044

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