The Howl’oween dog parade was a hit, a huge hit! Infact I don’t think it could have been any bigger! From crowd control volunteers working overtime to restaurant fronts being submerged with guests wanting to see the parade. The crowd had to be upwards of 3600 in people, I mean there were 600 registered dogs in the parade and I would say at least 6 humans to every one dog. Bottomline… a crowded, lively Belmont Shore.

What is this parade about? I’ll tell you what I found… The parade is an annual event put on by none other then Justin Rudd and his non-profit organization CAT(Community Action Team). The parade comes the sunday before halloween it features some of the wildest costumes on both the dogs and their owners. I found out something yesterday that I think everyone should know. Its alright for a big dog to be dressed as a little mermaid… but not everyone wants to see the owner dressed like that.

Without further ado, take a look at a few of the images I took while roaming the streets and partaking in this fun southern california event.

As you can see in many of the pictures, this is the big election year…parade attenders and entries were not afraid to voice their political standings on props and candidates, I even saw a T-Shirt on a bulldag that stated “Bulldogs for Obama”, I assume there was a pitbull out there wearing lipstick and a Palin shirt too.

So hear you have it, you may have missed it yesterday, but now its all yours to enjoy.

Huge props to Justin Rudd, Ralph Millero and the team of volunteers that put this on, also councilman Alan Lowenthal for making it possible!