Founded in 1924, Joe Jost’s is the oldest bar in Long Beach, and next year it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

On Friday, the venerable dive bar announced on Instagram that it’s releasing a commemorative T-shirt to mark the milestone, described in the post as “a spin on our classic navy” shirt.

The bar’s classic shirt is arguably one of the most popular T-shirts seen on the backs of Long Beach residents. 

The new festive shirt sports the traditional “Joe Jost’s” font above a schooner that’s overflowing with foamy beer and adorned with “100th anniversary” in a classic art deco font.


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But this isn’t the only special shirt that will mark the centennial—a lot more are on the way. 

“The anniversary is August 2024,” bar manager Chris Liebeck said in a phone interview, “so basically from now until August 2025, we’ll be releasing a bunch of new designs.” 

Asked about celebrating the event when the time comes, Chris said they don’t have concrete plans yet, but as it gets closer they’ll have more information, so check their Instagram for updates.

The first anniversary T-shirt is available online and at the bar as of Friday, so drop by anytime this weekend to pick up what’s likely to be a timeless piece of Long Beach memorabilia.

Joe Jost’s is at 2803 E. Anaheim St.