Whether you have issues with sleeping, or whether you’re already an expert at flipping off the switch and slipping into dreamland, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and sleep specialist Shirley Furman has some advice: Now is an opportunity to reflect on our sleeping habits, why they’re so important and how to develop even better ones.

For those that have the privilege to work from and/or stay at home, and for those in essential fields still heading into work every day, sleep is now more important than ever.

Some tips Furman gives throughout the Live Chat include:

  • What you should do if you’re laying in bed, awake and restless
  • Why getting enough sleep is so important for your immune system, especially now
  • Why it’s not just OK you’ve been sleeping more than usual, but necessary
  • How to look at sleep in a healthier, less judgmental way, especially when it comes to “oversleeping”
  • Tips on how to train your body to fall asleep at a reasonable time

If you find you’d like even more of Shirley Furman’s advice and information after the video, go to her website by clicking here.

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