Starting at a mere $35, parents can bring their children to Long Beach Terrace Theater for a 90-minute “fully immersive concert experience” of a viral song that drove them crazy just a few months ago: Baby Shark.

Baby Shark Live! starts its North-American tour on Oct. 3 and will land in Long Beach on Oct. 19. The show, from Pinkfong and Round Room Live, is stopping in more than 30 cities over six weeks, spreading its infectious chorus in Chicago, New York and Dallas among other cities. The epidemic is set to end Nov. 10 in Philadelphia, but is set to visit additional cities in the U.S. and Canada through 2020.

“The live show is based on Pinkfong’s viral earworm and global dance phenomenon, Baby Shark,” the creators said.

“Fans of all ages will delight as Baby Shark joins up with his friend Pinkfong to take an adventure into the sea, singing and dancing through new and classic songs including ‘Five Little Monkeys,’ ‘Wheels on the Bus,’ J’ungle Boogie,’ ‘Monkey Banana Dance’ and of course, ‘Baby Shark’!”

The song went viral in the U.S. around August 2018 and has hit Billboard’s Hot 100. The Pinkfong video has garnered more than 3 billion views on YouTube.

“We’re thrilled to bring Baby Shark Live to families across the country,” said Stephen Shaw, the tour’s producer. “There’s something incredibly special about Baby Shark and it’s exciting to create a show that not only includes singing and dancing but an education component as well.”

If you’re interested in subjecting yourself to more Baby Shark, tickets to the general public go on sale July 12 and pre-sales have already started on

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