A screenshot of a video posted to Blink-182's Twitter account.

After signing records at Fingerprints Music on Thursday afternoon, Blink-182 surprised fans at a Denny’s near California Heights to play an impromptu show—and one that paid tribute to a classic viral video.

Only so many people were lucky enough to pre-order a copy of the band’s new album “One More Time” to get their records signed at Fingerprints, but those who happened to be dining at Denny’s on Atlantic Avenue were able to catch a viral spectacle.

On Friday, the band posted a video of their special diner performance on Twitter to promote their next tour: “Coming to stadiums, arenas, and @dennysdiner locations near you in 2024.”

A screenshot of a video posted to Blink-182’s Twitter account.

There’s some history here to explain Blink-182’s weird venue choice. Remember this video from 2013?

Titled “The Dennys Grand Slam,” the video shows a metal band (allegedly named either “Live Without” or “Ordinary Life”) who appears to be hyping up a crowd inside a Denny’s restaurant as one of its members yells into a mic: “What’s up?! What the [expletive] is up Denny’s?!”

In perfect meme-mimicry, Mark Hoppus, Blink’s vocalist and bass player, shouted this famed phrase at his own Denny’s audience in Long Beach on Thursday night. Then, Hoppus, along with Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge launched into a new song, ANTHEM PART 3, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

And for a special look at what it was like inside that Denny’s last night, user @dannacafuir posted this Tik Tok from the restaurant.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify that Travis Barker was not Blink-182’s original drummer.