12509110 10153546376263369 3375989700705239812 nGive it up for the super powers of the female musician, and, more specifically, the eight talented artists who will electrify the stage for Year of the Cat: Female Showcase at Que Sera on Friday at 9:00PM.

The accomplished vocalists and multi-instrumentalists performing Friday night are Mendee Ichikawa, singer from the late Isaiah “Ikey” Owens’ collective Free Moral Agents, Tess Shapiro and Angela Jane Bachmann from Toy Pony, Esther Kang of King Kang, Tatiana Velázquez of I/O, Nicole Verhamme, bassist for indie dream rock trio Goldenboy, Dani Evans, singer and guitarist for Secret Garden and last but not least, DJ Benny Jets, who plays guitar for the jazz-inspired, experimental folk band Dream States.

When asked the question: Why throw an all female show?, event organizer Tatiana Velázquez had one, succinct answer: “It’s a man’s world.”

“It’s difficult,” she said. “I feel like sometimes we gotta prove ourselves, or it takes a lot to prove ourselves and I think that with this event every female is going to get to showcase their solo work even though they are a part of other projects.”

Velázquez, lead singer and bassist of I/O, a new Long Beach-based group, organized the event to specifically spotlight the talents of female musicians who have dedicated an arm and a leg to musical projects larger than themselves, yet clearly deserve a set of their own to showcase their art. The dedication, charisma and raw talent these women lend to their bands should be let loose ten-fold Friday night.

“I think every single girl performing just has a big giant case of ‘I don’t give a fuck,’” said Velazquez. “They’re very free-spirited and each of them are also very genuine to their art and each do it because they have to. It’s like a lifestyle. And I truly see that in every single girl performing and that’s why I want them to all have this opportunity to show everyone.”

Velázquez will also be stepping behind the mic for her first solo performance, something she might have “freaked out” about a year ago before she started I/O, but nowadays she feels less nervous and genuinely just excited to be able to revel in the event’s energy.

“Hopefully it’s inspiring,” she said. “And maybe opens people’s eyes that we’re working hard on this end of it and inspires people to maybe do the same. I’m super excited that everyone gets to showcase their own work in one night.”

Also a part of the event will be a photo booth and top-notch bartending courtesy of Louanne Smith, who ensured that Year of the Cat: Female Showcase would take place. For more information, check out the Facebook event page here.  

Flyer design by Casey Lewis.

Que Sera is located at 1923 East 7th Street.

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Asia Morris is a Long Beach native covering arts and culture for the Long Beach Post. You can reach her @hugelandmass on Twitter and Instagram and at [email protected].