The interior of Far Outfit on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

With Halloween just a week away and a weekend of parties looming, some of us (myself included) still haven’t picked out a costume, but don’t panic. And don’t go to a cheap bargain costume store either. Just head on over to these vintage shops on Retro Row and pick out some pieces for a costume or two that could last you for many Halloweens to come. And check out my trip to Retro Row on our Instagram!

Far Outfit (2020 E Fourth St.)

Far Outfit on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

Need some beastly attire? Looking for a fish mask or a witch’s wig? Far Outfit has you covered. With a full section for costumes set aside, they were my first stop along the vintage crawl.

Meow Vintage (2210 E Fourth St.)

Meow Vintage on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

This shop is “restocked to the roof with choice Halloween costumes” so you don’t have to get in your car and travel to the “Plastic Party Store” or “Made in China Costume Emporium” (their words), and they even have trained costume counselors standing by. They should have whatever you need to look your best all weekend long.

La Bomba Vintage (2222 E Fourth St.)

La Bomba on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

This vintage shop has plenty to offer during the week, but if you really need a good price on a last-minute costume, they have pile sales every Saturday and Sunday where everything is $5 to $10, but it’s literally in a pile so good luck diving in.

The Hangout (2122 E Fourth St.)

The Hangout on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

It’s definitely more of a decor and accessories shop than an outfit mainstay, but The Hangout will get you and your space in the spooky season spirit. Candles, incense, skulls and bones, and other dark decor beckon from this cute little shop, and they’re also hosting a Halloween celebration this Friday.

Alien Artifacts (2132 E Fourth St.)

Alien Artifacts on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

This shop definitely is far out with lots of trippy items to choose from to decorate, accessorize, and complete your costume. It might not be the spookiest shop on the list, but you won’t leave without finding something you need for the weekend. It might even be a classic horror movie to put on during your party.

Sneaky Tiki Boutique (2234 E Fourth St.)

Sneaky Tiki on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta

Last but not least, one more stop on the costume crawl is Sneaky Tiki where all of your ‘70s dreams will come true. Need some bell bottoms, boots and a big ol’ belt? Look no further. And with tiki shirts galore, anybody looking to honor the late Jimmy Buffet with a costume this year should head on down and pick one out.