Intertrend, the Downtown Long Beach art-savvy communications agency, debuted its seventh Lunar New Year display today, an art installation that encourages pedestrians to pause and acknowledge the annual tradition celebrated across Asia.

In honor of the Year of the Tiger, Intertrend takes a playful page on iconic pop culture representations of the tiger within American culture. On LED screen windows encompassing the Edison Theatre façade, the “Tiger King,” Tiger Woods, Tony the Tiger and “The Eye of the Tiger” from “Rocky” appear as an animated tiger sitting on a throne, playing golf, eating cereal and throwing a few one-two punches.

Songs similar to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” and Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” are audible in the animation, with the latter acting as a nod toward the Chinese character for tiger “虎,” which is pronounced, “hu.”

Concept art was a collaboration between alumni and graduating seniors from Cal State University Fullerton’s animation and illustration programs including Squid House Studio.

“This year was special for us in that we were able to work with director, illustrator and educator Nicole Yang, along with her students and alumni from Cal State Fullerton’s animation and illustration department,” Rosanne Kang Jovanovski, executive creative director of Intertrend said. “It was a ‘grrreat’ collaboration from the start with many wonderful ideas thrown around. We’re happy with what we landed on and hope it brings a smile to our visitors’ faces.”

The display will play between 3 and 9 p.m. at the theater for the duration of the Lunar New Year Festival, which is 15 days.

Intertrend has celebrated the Lunar New Year with annual, often interactive displays since 2016, with the Year of the Monkey that featured over 2,200 take-home red envelopes locals could peel off the windows of Intertrend’s headquarters, revealing a portrait of a monkey by world-acclaimed artist James Jean. Since then, Intertrend has celebrated the year of the rooster (2017) the dog (2018), pig (2019) rat (2020), ox (2021) and now, the tiger.

Edison Theatre is at 213 E. Broadway.

Check out the new Year of the Ox display for Lunar New Year at the Edison Theatre