Under the new ownership of David Baumann (left), Leslie Koa (center), and Tod Hipsher (right), the popular Fourth Street dive bar Fern's will be renamed The Bird Dive Bar, and is expected to open on June 15, 2021. Photo by Sebastian Echeverry.

A favorite neighborhood dive bar on Fourth Street has new owners, is getting a new look and has a new name.

Fern’s has been a go-to bar for decades on Fourth Street in Alamitos Beach, but the pandemic caused it to close for over 13 months. With the bills piling up, the owner started selling alcohol and decor from his bar items.

In need of some items for his other bar, David Baumann and his business partner decided to see if the sale would give them some good deals. That deal turned out to be a purchase of the entire business including the liquor license.

The Hi-Lo met with the new owners of The Bird Dive Bar, which is expected to open on June 15: