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On Wednesday, Noodles the Magellanic Penguin, a beloved resident of the Aquarium of the Pacific, died, aquarium staff announced yesterday. 

Aquarium officials said they were shocked to discover his body in a burrow that morning, especially because there were no obvious signs of illness

Aquarium staff have expressed sadness concerning the death of such a special breed of penguin.

“This is an extremely difficult and disheartening time for our staff. Noodles was loved by us all,” Perry Hampton, Aquarium of the Pacific vice president of animal husbandry.

Noodles, who was born in 2002 and arrived at the Aquarium of Pacific in 2011, is survived by his mate, Patsy and his two offspring, Paddles and Mattson. A necropsy has been performed to discover the cause of death. The results will most likely be available in one month, according to the aquarium.

“We are struggling emotionally as we also prepare for the euthanasia of Elvis the penguin, who is suffering from a long-term neurological condition,” said Hampton. “His health has deteriorated to a point that has drastically impacted his quality of life, despite the great lengths staff members have gone to test and treat his rare condition. Dealing with both of these losses during the same time period has saddened all of us. We will greatly miss Noodles and Elvis.”

This article was updated at 1:28PM with information from the Aquarium of the Pacific regarding the date of Noodles’ death.