Nathan Gudger said it was pretty clear that Jazzy really didn’t care much for the Baby Shark costume the dog wore on a float in Sunday’s Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade. So, after the event, Gudger let the pug destroy the float with gusto.

“He seems to be enthusiastically enjoying this,” Gudger said.

Nathan Gudger said his dog Jazzy hated his shark costume, so Jazzy was allowed to destroy the float after the parade. Photo by Bill Alkofer

A pug named Waffles was at the opposite end of the spectrum. His owner said that the dog owns more dresses than she does. Waffles seemed to enjoy her walk down the runway. The mole on her cheek was reminiscent of Cindy Crawford’s heyday.

Waffles was dressed as a football player Sunday. Her owner said that Waffles is happier in costumes. Photo by Bill Alkofer

More than 500 dogs and their owners were on hand for the 19th annual event in Marina Vista Park on Sunday. A float called the “I Scream Truck” took top honors.

The grand prize winner in Sunday’s parade was the “I Scream Truck.” Photo by Bill Alkofer

The winners were judged by audience cheers. Event organizer Justin Rudd got some applause of his own as he stepped through a splotch of doggie doo left by a contestant. Rudd joked later that it’s a good omen to step in a little bit of dog poop, but bad luck if a dog pees on you.

Good to know.

Rudd took on the role of a carnival barker when he thanked the sponsors and finished off the event as Bob Barker when he reminded the crowd to help control the pet population and have their pets spayed or neutered.

The runner-up for the grand prize was a float with a Harry Potter theme. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Sarah Phillips said her dog Pixel was not happy dressing as a scuba diver. He pouted after the parade. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Police officers Vince and Kris Plodzien arrest their dog Scout. On Sunday, the dog was named Max-imum Sentence. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Two dogs take off in a sprint, chasing after another dog during Sunday’s parade. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
A pirate ship entry finished as one of the award finalists in Sunday’s parade. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Aimee Anderson was dressed as a rodeo clown. Her dog Dundee was a bull rider. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
A dog in the spectator seats watches the parade go by. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Ketchup bottle Diane Jacobs gives her hot dog Lizzy Lou a kiss. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Two dogs peer though a garden of green on one of Sunday’s floats. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
A crowd of more than 500 showed up in Marina Vista Park. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Lois Millage’s dog Blu seems less than enthused by his rainbow costume. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Jackie Churner’s beagle, Penny, was dressed as Pittsburgh Steeler running back Jerome Bettis. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Michele Kubicek picks up Mia Bella before the parade. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
This float had a casino theme. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
A crowd of more than 500 showed up. Photo by Bill Alkofer
Haute Dog Howl'oween
A parade watcher pets a dog dressed as a skunk. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
A boy dressed up as an alien warmed up without his dog before the parade. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
The Little Mermaid and Ursula were represented in this entry. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
An entry celebrated The Magic School Bus. Photo by Bill Alkofer.
Haute Dog Howl'oween
This float had Día de los Muertos decor. Photo by Bill Alkofer.