Little Chloe, a severely abused dog who was found in a trash bin, is in guarded but hopeful condition at Long Beach Animal Emergency. Direct contributions to the veterinary and donations to local spay/neuter organization Fix Long Beach are paying the bills.

The case has received national media coverage following the Post story Monday.

Chloe was found by a passerby who heard the dog’s whimpers. The volunteer who came to get the dog found her covered in mats and filthy with pieces of ham, onions and spaghetti. She had multiple injuries that included a fractured skull and a broken femur. The volunteer kept her warm until FLB board member Diana Kliche arrived and rushed her to Primary Care Animal Hospital on Lakewood Boulevard (See “Worst case I’ve seen in 30 years.”).

FLB’s Facebook page has received multiple requests for updates on Chloe. FLB posts daily updates; the following is an excerpt from the latest as of Dec. 11:

“Chloe is not going into surgery today to fix her leg. She is still guarded and still has brain swelling and some neurological problems. She does wag her tail and moves her head to be held. She is trying to stand and ate on her own last night. She will remain at Long Beach Animal ER until she is more stable (prob a few more days). We have had many foster and adoption requests and inquiries. When Chloe is strong enough she will be going to a foster who has a lot of experience with medical needs dogs, with broken legs or spinal and neuro problems. She has a long road to recovery but when she is ready we will post adoption info. It probably won’t be for three months or more, depending on her rate of recovery. She is not allowed visitors.”

As of this morning, Kliche reported that Chloe’s neurological state is improving greatly and there was minimal indication of damage.

“She is active this morning and sitting up a lot,” Kliche said. “If she doesn’t have any setbacks, she will be scheduled to go to surgery early next week to repair her leg.”

Chloe’s condition steadily improves. Photos courtesy of Fix Long Beach.

Public concern has been overwhelming. Supporters have paid entire vet bills, and others have donated toward Chloe’s upcoming bills and recovery. FLB’s Facebook page and other social media have exploded with posts thanking the volunteers, wishing for a quick recovery, and pleading to adopt Chloe. A few sad, hopeful notes express worry that Chloe might be theirs. So far, there has been no human/dog match.

“We’ve been contacted numerous times by individuals hoping either that the dog is theirs or, given the trauma and abuse she’s suffered, is not theirs,” Kliche said.

Other posts demand an investigation by Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) and the police. Many in no uncertain terms describe what they’d like to do to the abuser.

“I’ll help abuse who ever did this once they are found,” read one relatively gentle one.

LBACS manager Ted Stevens said that an investigation has been opened and is at the information-gathering stage. Long Beach Police Department spokeswoman Arantxa Chavarria said that the police had been alerted and went to the apartment on 11th Street and East Sunshine Court, where Chloe had been found, and were processing the report. Fix Long Beach is actively working with both LBACS and LBPD to help find the abuser.

To encourage anyone to step forward, rewards totaling over $12,000 are being offered to help find the animal abuser, $1,000 from FLB and Sparky and the Gang Animal Rescue, $1,000 from a private donor, and a generous $10,000 from JustFoodforDogs whole-food corporation. Individuals are contributing to the reward. JustFoodforDogs has also hired a private investigator to help with the case.

“I hope that whoever has done this is caught,” Kliche said. Meanwhile, Chloe continues to rally thanks to the good people who vastly outnumber those who unquestionably are not.

Call LBACS Special Investigations Unit at 562-570-3086 if you have any information that will lead to solving the case. LBACS will get back to everyone. Please, information only; no messages of hope for the capture of the abuser—LBACS is overwhelmed with calls.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Chloe’s medical expenses or the reward can donate on FLB’s Facebook page or website, Venmo at @FixLongBeach or at PayPal at [email protected]. Donors can also pay Chloe’s vet bill directly through Long Beach Animal Emergency by clicking the link on the veterinary’s name, clicking “Patients,” “online payments,” and client name Fix Long Beach/Chloe, Account #512193. The account is supported by PayPal.