After extensive research of successful feral cat management programs and meeting with feral cat caretakers, university personnel and other concerned individuals and organizations, California State University, Long Beach has finalized its CSULB Campus Feral Cats Program and Procedures and is ready to implement it. The program will be managed by volunteers and overseen by the university. In a press release distributed by the CSULB Office of Public Affairs, the program’s goal is described as focusing on humane treatment of the cats and reducing the numbers in the colony through trap-spay/neuter-return/adopt and manage. According to campus officials, cats in feral colonies on the campus number around 150.

“The university’s program was developed while taking numerous concerns into consideration, most primary the health and welfare of the individuals who study and work on campus,” read the statement from university officials. “The final product is meant to humanely care for the feral cat population while allowing for its natural reduction through attrition.”

The university laid out strict regulations for the feeding and care of the cats, including the feeding of fresh food between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., low- or no-visibility feeding stations that are identified and university-approved, cleanliness, spay/neuter and vaccinating all cats, identifying them by means of tipping an ear, and monitoring the animals for injuries, illnesses, pregnancy, lactation or “any other unusual condition.” Any cat in any of these states will be trapped and removed. A semiannual population count will be reported to the university by the caretakers. The university will make trapping resources available to volunteers.

Even with the objective to humanely treat the cats, university officials stated that the program will not be continued if the regulations are not strictly adhered to, or if volunteer participation is too low to maintain the program. No statement was made as to the outcome for the cats if such a situation presents itself.

The Pet Post wishes to entreat LB residents, particularly those living on campus, to not abandon cat to campus colonies; this will add to the feral population and the animal may possibly not survive. If you find yourself in such straits, please take your pet to Long Beach Animal Care Services, where he or she will have a chance at adoption. If you are an animal lover and have the time or passion (or both) to volunteer, or want complete details of CSULB’s new program, visit here.
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One, Two, Jog, Jump—Sit and Stay

Exercise in generosity. From left, Josh Tims, assistant general manager, Hector Garcia, maintenance manager, Jeffrey Cozart, general manager

September 26
: The Belmont Athletic Club in Belmont Shore presented its first of many generous gifts to Long Beach Animal Care Services. On Friday, general manager Jeffrey Cozart, assistant general manager Josh Tims and maintenance manager Hector Garcia carried out 10 used exercise mats and two large bags of towels for donation to LBACS. The materials will be used for such things as medical care and general comfort for the animals.

“I just love animals,” Cozart said. “I have a dog and a cat. I like to think that if either of my pets were in need and I wasn’t there for them, hopefully people and organizations would be there to help them. If these materials can help make those animals happier and healthier, I think it’s worth a little effort on my part. Besides, these materials would just end up being thrown away. This is a great alternative.”

Young Buddy, shown here with LBACS ACO officer Bobbie Ryan, engaged in cardio theater using the gifts from the Belmont Athletic Club

The Belmont Athletic Club will continue to donate towels and other useful used goods to LBACS as they are discarded. There’s no word as to whether Puppy Pilates or Kitty Calisthenics will be started up as a result of this generous gift, but a friendly pit bull named Buddy was seen snoozing on one of the towels after getting his 100 wags in.

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New Events

Virtual WALK for the Animals, Auction for Animals and Blessing for Animals

In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals, Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA) is starting its monthlong trek starting Oct. 1 to raise money for the animals. You will be able to navigate the Internet as you visit friends, family and co-workers to raise money for the Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP), humane education and medical needs for shelter animals in the care of Long Beach Animal Care Services.

Virtually WALK to help the animals, visit our online Auction for Animals to win some fabulous items, and have your pet—past or present—blessed virtually or during a service at the Oct. 19 church blessing at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach, 5450 Atherton Ave., at 3 p.m. If you are unable to attend, you can still have your pet blessed by e-mailing a photo of him or her to [email protected]. All pictures will be printed and taken to the church blessing. Your pet will also be welcome to come in person to the church to be blessed by Rev. Marguerite Lovett. Refreshments for you and your best friend will be furnished.

When you register for the event, you will have the option to create your own personal fund-raising page for Friends of Long Beach Animals. Options include uploading an image, adding a welcome message and e-mailing family and friends to raise pledges. The person with the highest pledge/fund-raising amount will have a chance to win a prize valued at $1,000. Visit and click on the WALK page. This is a great opportunity to help raise much-needed funds for FOLBA by letting your mouse do all the WALKing!

The Auction for Animals runs from Oct. 1–24. The person who refers the most people to our auction will receive a $25 Macy’s gift card. Visit here for details.