Campus administration holds meeting with animal caregivers 

Several campus administrators, feral caregivers and advocates, and councils for both parties came to the table to discuss development of a university policy regarding the feral cat colonies on campus and the coyote intrusion. The meeting took place on campus and lasted two hours. A number of points were discussed regarding control and management.

“The university is moving toward an official policy on campus,” said Toni Beron, associate vice president of university relations. “Both parties met, and a lot of good things came out of the meeting.”

None of the participants is at liberty to discuss any of the points, but the meeting appeared to end agreeably.

“In all, it was a productive meeting, with unified goals and solutions,” said Dr. Patricia Meredith, one of the feral caregivers.

Photo courtesy of Seal beach Animal Care Center

California spay/neuter license plates soon to be a reality

The California Healthy Pets Coalition (CHPC) and Senator Alex Padilla recently announced the creation of a spay-and-neuter license plate program for California. Scheduled to begin in late 2008 or early 2009, the license plates will feature messages about the importance of spay and neuter and will be available to all California drivers for a fee. Judie Mancuso of the CHPC stated that 75 percent of the proceeds from the license plate will go directly to spay and neuter programs, and that when the designs are finalized, the plates will be available on their Web site.

Cat at Seal Beach Animal Care Center is perfectly happy to scratch on a scratch pad instead of the sofa.

Bill allowing feline declawing about to be heard

AB 2427 is a response to the outcome of the lawsuit between the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVWA) and the City of West Hollywood, when West Hollywood’s City Council enacted a citywide ban on cat declawing by a veterinarian, according to CVWA’s Web site. “The bill would prevent a city or county from substituting its own (non-professional) judgment for that of a licensed professional in determining what acts, practices, or procedures may be performed,” wrote the site on its news page. recommends that anyone in opposition to the bill write, fax, or call his or her Senate representative and offer a response. The bill may be heard in the Senate in a week.

League of Humane Voters Web site:
CVMA Web site:
To read a full text of AB 2427, click here.

Playful kittens at Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed into effect a bill that will repeal current law on trusts for domesticated or pet animals and enact new, more detailed provisions for the creation and enforcement of pet trusts. The bill, according to proponents, will make it easier and more lawful to protect pets after their caregiver’s demise.

To read a full text of this bill, click here.