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Virtually Pets

It’s New Year’s Eve, and what better way to mark it than with tuxedo dogs and cats (or at least ones furred in black and white) up for adoption. To adopt or meet any of them (or to make a last-minute 2015 donation), follow the instructions for each pet.

Alley Dog 1

This first one is special, because the rescuer is. We see a lot of pets on social media whose rescuers have found them on the street and desperately try to find them forever homes. Ally here was lingering in the San Bernardino shelter waiting on euthanasia, is featured because her rescuer, Gusti, schlepped all the way from East Long Beach to San Bernardino to get her! This shelter released her without having her fixed, so Gusti took care of that right away thanks to 4Life Animal Rescue in Orange County.

Alley Dog 2

Ally’s a 40-pound Lab mix who’s about 2 years old, and Gusti has two other (see photo) with whom Ally started playing as soon as she got home. She also loves kids and would be a great family dog.

Gusti isn’t new to fostering. She’s currently fostering her second charge from 4Life Animal Rescue, and says that she’s sickened and saddened by all the dogs she sees needing homes and that rescuing Ally was no different.

“When I arrived at the cold San Bernardino Shelter, the dog I had originally seen was an absolute jumper and labeled as dog aggressive,” she said. “Any animal I think is likely to be aggressive to some extent living in conditions like that for over a month. But I was afraid she would jump over my little gate. I was so distraught, and walked up and down the kennels for about an hour, looking for the dog that had been there the longest, that looked like they needed out the most. That’s an impossible decision! I just had to stop fretting and pick, so I picked Ally. She was leaned up against the front of the kennel, hanging her head, just begging for someone to get her out. On the way out, I realized she was in heat! I tried to get some of the shelter stink off of her with a nice bath, only to realize she was covered in fleas and ticks! Poor girl! We fixed it with a little Capstarr and then a quick spay and several hours of socialization and training work. She’s doing awesome! Quick learner, walking politely on leash, playing very nicely with other dogs of all sizes, and knows all the basics—sit, down, stay, off, quiet, come. She’s right at home here, and loves just everyone she meets. She will certainly warm up to her new family in no time!”

Gusti has only one problem as a rescuer—she gets attached and cries when her charges leave. So if you want to meet Ally, e-mail her quick at [email protected]. And we vote to exempt Gusti from having to make any New Year’s resolutions!

Ma Petite shelter

Ma Petite! Imagine yourself saying her name on New Year’s Eve before she licks your hand. She’s a sweet 2-year-old Staffie who needs a gentle, understanding person in a loving as she’s timid and scared at the shelter. Ask for ID#A563305 at Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) on the shelter side of the P.D. Pitchford Animal Companion Village, 7700 E. Spring Street, Long Beach, at the entrance to El Dorado Park (parking fees don’t apply at the Village).

Here are two who are all dressed up and ready to go from Helen Sanders CatPAWS:


Nick is a darling little boy who was rescued along with his sister and mama from a public shelter—both Sis and Mom were adopted! As the photo shows, Nick is astonishingly cute, and he’s and fun and feisty, too! Come meet him and make him yours today. He is currently at PetSmart Charities adoption center at the Seal Beach PetSmart, The Shops at Rossmoor, 12341 Seal Beach Boulevard. in Seal Beach, California.


The Scratching Post has featured Duncan No Donuts twice, because he’s such a big story—32 pounds worth of big (read about his transformation with a lot of help from his foster here). As stated in the last story, he managed to lose 11 pounds in four months without the help of Weight Watchers or even Long Beach Losers, and he’s still melting them off! CatPAWS stated that they believe that he’s ready to go to a forever home as long as his new person continues the diet! With his little white ascot, he’ll grace any home with elegance.

Anyone interested in adopting either cat or any of the cats on CatPAWS’s website is encouraged to fill out the application available here and email it to [email protected] or fax it to (562) 489-9281.


And this is Momma Matilda, who has decided to not dress up at all—she’s staying in for a quiet evening of watching The Thin Man marathon and slapping the screen whenever Asta comes on set. Matilda was brought in pregnant to ACS by a woman who found them all and didn’t know what to do with them. She was intercepted at the shelter door by the resource-table volunteers and told them that she was distraught over turning them in to the shelter for fear that they’d all be put to sleep. Volunteer Patty offered her help, letting her know that she was well versed in the art of kitties and would see to that momma and her babies would be safe, even if that meant that they live in her home. [Disclosure and testimonial: Very, very true, and we have one of the bottle-fed results, horseplay Hector.]

“In the still of the night, Momma gave birth to five beautiful kittens—you would know them as Darla, Spanky, Alfalfa, Porky and Buckwheat,” said Patty, who names litters after well-known media presences. The cats lived with her for the next two months and grew up into lovely babies. They have since all been adopted via collaboration with ACS and Adopt & Shop in Lakewood. Momma had to have surgery, but she’s in fine health now and, according to Patty, is the most loving 4-year-old kitty you’ll ever meet.

“It’s now her turn to be someone’s baby,” Patty said. We agree. If you’re interested in meeting Matilda, contact Patty at [email protected].

Mark Your Calendars (the People Way)

Saturday, January 16, spcaLA P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village, 7700 E. Spring St., Long Beach, 10AM–noon

We can’t do it without you! spcaLA needs foster parents for pets of all ages and needs. We provide the supplies, and you provide the love. Submit an application and attend a foster class by applying here.

 Fix Long Beach logo

Fix Long Beach (FLB)  Spay/Neuter Clinic
Saturday, January 23, 7:30AM–4:00PM, Location to be announced
Free to qualifying residents

The grassroots free spay/neuter organization Fix Long Beach invites you to make an appointment for your unfixed dog or get a voucher for your cat! And we have lots of spaces for male dogs! Come and get ‘em!

Guidelines are as follows:

Low-income Long Beach residents only unless you have a pit bull! (We offer free spay/neuter for pitties in surrounding cities.) If you don’t qualify (annual salary $30,000 or lower), please Google “low cost spay/neuter” along with your zip code, and have your pet fixed at one of the suggested clinics.

  • Book an appointment ASAP. Standbys are welcome. Vouchers will be given to any attendee whose pet cannot be served that day.
  • If you have called or made a previous appointment, please check your voice mail for messages (be sure that it’s set up). You must call back to confirm your appointment or your spot will be given away.
  • If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment, your spot will be given to someone waiting on standby. If you fail to show up for two consecutive appointments, you will be denied future service.
  • Fix Long Beach also offers the following services from 9AM–4PM:
  • low-cost vaccines for dogs and cats $10 per shot, cash only!
  • low-cost flea meds for dog and cats $10 per dose/application, cash only!
  • nail trim $5, cash only!
  • free microchips for pets of Long Beach residents
  • free supplies for anyone that gets their pets fixed!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (323) 413-7729

When you come, bring proof of income and Long Beach residency (these events are for Long Beach residents only.) Whether you come as standby or with an appointment, do not give your pet anything to eat or drink after 12:01AM. Dogs must be on leashes and cats must be in carriers that are specifically pet carriers! No paper bags or suitcases, please! There are no walls in the park, and we want you to ensure your pet’s safety! If you don’t own a carrier, pet supply stores like Petco and PetSmart carry inexpensive cardboard ones; they run on the average of $8.

Fix Long Beach also has a wish list for pet items to give to our client as a thank-you for helping to lower our shelter euthanasia rate and prevent the birth of more unwanted kittens and puppies.

Click the link to donate items, or bring them to the event if you find a better deal!

Let’s continue to help make Long Beach no kill, one pet at a time!



Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Clinics

First and Third Sunday of each month, 4:00PM–6:00PM, Scherer Park, 4600 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach
See flyer for pricing of each services

Pet owners must be 18 years or older. All pets must be on leashes or in carriers. Only healthy and non-pregnant animals will be vaccinated. If you have a prior rabies vaccine certificate, license tag or license renewal notice for your pet, please bring it with you to the clinic. Vaccination and microchip services are provided for pets residing in any city. Licensing service is provided for residents within our jurisdiction: Long Beach, Signal Hill, Cerritos, Los Alamitos and Seal Beach. Microchips, flea treatment and nail trimmings also available.

Monthly Mutt Mingles
Pussy & Pooch Pethouse and PawBar, 4818 E. 2nd Street, Long Beach, third Wednesday of every month
222 E. Broadway, third Thursday of every month, 6:00PM–8:00PM

Join P&P for their monthly mixer, and enjoy special treats, toasts, and plenty of in-store tail-wagging. Mutt Mingles are a great way for your dog to learn valuable social skills. It’s a chance for them to experience and interact in a social setting with food, drink and plenty of other distractions! It’s important for your dog to learn how to behave around other dogs and people so that they’ll be the stars of the dog park and the dog beach. The indoor facility provides for a very comfortable setting and fun atmosphere. Dogs may be off-leash if supervised closely by their owners. For their protection, we lock the front door so dogs are safe from the street traffic.