On Episode #20 of “CAN YOU HEAR ME, LONG BEACH?” Lucia Micarreli is a triple threat, though not a usual one. Yes, she sings. Yes, she acts (“Treme”). Yes, she is a virtuoso violinist whose long list of collaborations include Josh Groban, Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and, on Oct. 26, the Long Beach Symphony Pops. She talked about all of that, growing up in Queens, about why she doesn’t wear shoes, all in-between laughing. A lot.

And then, local ceramicist and lovely spirit Gopi spoke about ceramics and all that is lovely about Long Beach.

Show Notes:

0:40 Just. Don’t ask.

1:15 Dominic Picarelli does nothing

2:00 Lucia Micarelli laughs about her journey from violinist to actor to singer

4:30 Listening to non-classical music for the first time

10:00 Ending up on the Trans Siberian Orchestra and with Josh Groban

30:45 Living life as a violinist with a hand injury

43.55 Why barefoot?

46:53 Gopi Shah is a potter. The clay kind. Not the other kind.