On episode #34 of “Can You Hear Me, Long Beach?” Michelle Steilen is back!

Last week, the founder of Moxi Skates joined us to take part in a group discussion of love and breakup songs.

Michelle Steilen ready to perform as one of three stunt doubles for Harley Quinn on roller skates in the movie “Birds of Prey.” Photo courtesy of Michelle Steilen.

This week, Steilen’s all on their own telling the story of their unlikely journey from Philadelphia to Long Beach to founding Moxie Skates to becoming Margot Robbie’s stunt double in “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.”

Steilen also reveals how Moxi got its name—it’s kind of simple and kind of amazing—if they enjoyed making a movie (they did, very much), the ups and downs of stunt work and what’s the state of the Long Beach skate scene.

Also, poet Nancy Lynee Woo came by to talk about her new literary column for the Post “What’s Lit?” as well as the burgeoning storytelling scene in Long Beach.