Paul Baker Prindle will join Cal State Long Beach as director of the campus art museum. Courtesy Kleefeld Contemporary.

On Episode #30 (30!) of “Can You Hear Me, Long Beach?” Paul Baker Prindle, director of Cal State Long Beach’s Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, talks about the museum’s upcoming Gyre exhibit which, for eight weeks, will feature one artist, one work for one week.

Gyre is designed to allow museum-goers the space and time to deeply experience an artist and their work without the pressure many feel to see every piece either hanging or standing in the space.

It also inspired an eye-opening and gut-busting discussion of how one should go about experiencing a museum. Prindle not only has some definite thoughts about how you should think of a museum, but how you shouldn’t—it’s not a church, you can talk—as well as where you should go once inside and how one can best prepare yourself for your visit. If you’re asking, yes, Paul Baker Prindle does partake of “pre-museum-ing.”

That, and Asia Morris is really sick and channeling her favorite cartoon character.