Photo courtesy Sofar Sounds/Facebook.

Their last show was held inside a gym in Downtown. Before that, a record store in the Zaferia District. In September, it was backyard of a home in San Pedro.

With Sofar Sounds, any place can be a space for live music.

This Sunday, the Long Beach Sofar Sounds is hosting its first secret show of the month. All we know about the show is their theme, which they’ve announced as a celebration of International Women’s Day. We have no idea who’s to perform, but if we’re speculating, we’re betting there’s going to be some stellar female musicians.

For those unfamiliar with this international music collective, Sofar Sounds is a music events startup known for organizing intimate concerts in unique places. The crowds are small, often less than 50 people, and locations and lineups are almost always a secret.

Tickets for the shows work under a lottery system, those who want to catch the show apply and if they’re selected (supposedly at random), they’ll be notified the day before with the location via email. You can never know what to expect with a Sofar show, but that’s kind of the beauty of it.

Sofar Sounds got its start in Shoreditch London, in the United Kingdom in 2009. Over the course of a decade the music collective expanded and today, there are Sofar groups in cities all over the world. Long Beach is one of those cities.

Anyone can play a Sofar show. And indeed, the music collective is known for hosting an array of genres. But some of the more famous acts that Sofar claims to their roster includes Billie Eilish, who performed in Los Angeles in 2016, just a few years before her career catapulted to international success.

“A Thousand Miles,” artist Vanessa Carlton performed with Sofar Sounds in Washington D.C. in 2015. Alt-rock trio X Ambassadors played in with Sofar Sounds of Austin in 2013.

The only caveat of a Sofar Sounds show is there’s a tight deadline to apply for tickets. They cut off applications five days before the show is scheduled to perform. Since the next show is this Saturday that means you have today and tomorrow to apply. Well, off you go.

For more information and to apply for a ticket to see the International Women’s Day Sofar Show on Sunday, March 8, click here.