40 Under 40 Winner: Prumsoden Ok


Prum is a local artist, activist and teacher. His work within classic Cambodian dance—he was taught by world-renown dancer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro—has proven to be wildly experimental, addressing LGBTQ issues of sexuality, gender and social roles.

40 Under 40 Winner: Erica Crespo

A proud Trojan, Erica saw that Long Beach was home to hundreds of fellow USC grads and yet, had nothing to connect them together—seemingly antithetical to the school’s well-known reputation of social networking.

40 Under 40 Winner: praCh Ly


A world-renowned rapper with a decade-long history of service to Long Beach’s Cambodian-American community, Prach—who raps in both English and Khmer—represents what is known as Generation 1.5, or those who were born in Cambodia but raised in America.

40 Under 40 Winner: Gina Stewart

A few years ago, the Long Beach Volunteer MeetUp Group—despite having some 300 members—was sadly dormant. Gina saw an opportunity to not only occupy her spare time but to energize the many Long Beach residents she knew had a knack and desire to give back.

40 Under 40 Winner: Megan Kerr

megankerrMegan’s nominators called the mother of three and Long Beach native a “tireless volunteer” who always knows the facts on important local issues and works endlessly to support campus programs at numerous school sites above the 405.

40 Under 40 Winner: Ina Parker Hicks


Unquestionably, the success of a city as well as an organization depends on the individuals that comprise them—and Ina has been essential in making Green Long Beach one of the most dynamic and effective green advocacy groups in the city.

40 Under 40 Winner: Lena Gonzalez

The daughter of an immigrant mother, Lena graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in political science and went on to earn her Masters of Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.