The Anthropomorphic Imagination of Lara Meintjes On Display at Viento y Agua

When Lara Meintjes sees someone driving down the street, her first thought is that they would look so much cooler if there was a raccoon on their shoulder or if their face was a deer head instead. “This is just the world I live in,” says the Long Beach-based artist with perpetually hot-pink hair who turns her peculiar thoughts about strangers and friends into hand-drawn anthropomorphic portraits.

Gary William Musgrave: Stubborn And Resourceful

Gary William Musgrave is an artist, illustrator, and educator who is best known, locally, for his Write Bloody Publishing book covers and last year’s Zombie Walk t-shirt which featured an adorable zombie girl jumping rope with another zombie’s guts. In this interview, he talks about his work, and the qualities that make him successful.

Nick Sawyers: Anything And Everything

This Friday at 6 PM, local artist Nick Sawyers is being featured, along with Dirt Cobain, at an art exhibition being held at Vapes of Wrath. Located on Viking Way, the gallery will showcase many of Nick’s pencil, and pen and ink, illustrations, along with paintings and other work. The opening is also a pre-event party for the Long Beach Zombie Walk, and they’ll be introducing this year’s official t-shirt, designed by Gary William Musgrave.

David Van Patten: Justice, Retribution, Love and Mercy

David Van Patten has been quietly taking the local art scene by storm. I’ve seen his work on coffeehouse walls, in galleries, on posters and CD covers, and even in the Long Beach Post. As I write this, he’s got four exhibitions up: One in 4th Street Vine, one in L.A., and two in Sacramento. An exhibition of brand new works will be up for one night in the North Gallery of the Expo Arts Building as part of Art_Ober’s First Fridays Long Beach in Bixby Knolls.