The True Cost of Transitioning

When the word transgender comes to mind, some immediately think of Caitlyn Jenner. But she, a famous multi-millionaire, is an unrealistic image of what physically transitioning is like for most trans people. Things are not always smooth sailing.

I Found Out My Long-Lost Friend Was Homeless, So We Caught Up

“I lost contact with him after high school and was pretty shocked to know a friend of mine was living in the streets,” writes Rudy Cardoso-Peraza, a reporter for VoiceWaves. Watch and share this story of these Long Beach teens crossing paths again and making life changes.

Life After DACA: One Policy, Different Outcomes

For many, President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program brought welcome relief to the constant stress, anxiety and fear that often came with a life without papers. VoiceWaves interviewed four “DACAmented” youth to explore the many different ways DACA has changed the way they live their lives and the hopes they have for a better future.