There’s something inexplicably more fun about watching reality television with other people.

Maybe it’s the recognition you feel when others around you are collectively whooping for joy at a tender moment or cringing at a conversation that turns sour. Or perhaps being around other fellow fans might make you feel a little less guilty about watching entertainment that’s considered, well, low-brow.

Whatever the reason, few series it seems have been able to get more people together than ABC’s “The Bachelor,” which has continually captivated audiences since the rose-giving dating show first aired in 2002.

ABC’s new spinoff show “The Golden Bachelor” features 72-year-old widower Gerry Turner as he looks to find love again from a pool of women in their 60s and older. The show has been met with positive acclaim since its pilot aired Sept. 28. Watch parties, a popular pastime for fans of the franchise, are picking up steam again with some cropping up in surprising places. One Long Beach brewery is getting in on the heartwarming action.

Every Thursday at 8 p.m. Trademark Brewing hosts a live-air screening of “The Golden Bachelor.”  With multiple screens and lots of seating, it’s a fine place to watch the show with a beer in hand. Myself and a few colleagues went to see an episode last week and the camaraderie among our fellow watchers was palpable, check that out below.


What’s more, Trademark Brewing features a large picture board whereby all the women eliminated each week are crossed off. So, in case you forgot who’s still in the running, you can quickly double-check. And, first-time attendees are invited to enter a free raffle and vote on which woman they think will end up with Turner. When the show ends, Trademark will give the winning ticket holder a call so you can pick up a prize.

The brewery also airs the spinoff show “Bachelor in Paradise” right after “The Golden Bachelor” at 9 p.m. — but there isn’t an elimination board for that show, sorry.

For more information on Trademark’s “The Bachelor Binge,” click here.

Trademark Brewing is at 233 E. Anaheim St.