Hand sanitizer has become a hard-to-find commodity amid the COVID-19 outbreak, with demand outpacing supply. So, to help meet the need for locals and essential businesses, Long Beach distillers Portuguese Bend and Wille’s Tin Shop started producing it themselves.

As a craft distillery, the still at Portuguese Bend normally produces about 150 gallons of alcohol a week. “We are trying to triple it,” said Simon Haxton, master distiller at Portuguese Bend. They partnered with Trademark Brewing in order to supply enough of the high-proof alcohol required to produce the sanitizer to FDA guidelines.

Portuguese Bend Distillery and Trademark Brewing partner to handle massive sanitizer order

Across town at Wille’s Tin Shop, master distiller Forest Cokely had the idea of producing hand sanitizer as a way to support locals, reusing misprinted labels and extra bottles they had lying around. However, once the news of their new product made it to social media they began receiving calls from businesses such as UPS and Sparkletts water. Eventually, demand became so great that they converted their tasting room into a makeshift bottling facility.

For both locations, you should call ahead if you are interested in purchasing hand sanitizer. Call or text Wille’s Tin Shop at 562-668-7439. Call Portuguese Bend at 562-435-4411.