“I don’t smoke weed, but thought about ordering some just because it’s one of the few precious things we’re still allowed to do.”

That’s from a great piece written by Post managing editor Melissa Evans, arguing that these extraordinary days, while frightening at times, can also be ones of reflection and recalibration. And, yes, they might also provide the final push for you to try weed for the first time or, the first time in a long time.

Since all of us were directed to go, and stay, inside, more than a few people have shared with us that they have considered using cannabis to help manage their stress. They’re not alone. Last week, online delivery marketplace Eaze said overall order volume jumped 38% while deliveries to first-time customers spiked over 50%.

Of course, anything new can bring its own stresses—how do I roll one, light one, smoke one? Fortunately, about a year ago, we produced a video that addressed these and other questions/issues.

Cannabis educator Mskindness Ramirez not only spoke to Hi-lo editor Steve Lowery—newbie, the coughing gives him away—and his daughter Madison about these questions and issues, but showed them the proper care and use of cannabis as well.

Obviously, a lot of people found her knowledge very useful. Since it premiered in April 2019, this video has been one of our most viewed on YouTube.

Have a look, hope it helps. Be well.