Welcome to the new Long Beach Post.

Our goal with this most recent redesign was simple: to provide our readers with the easiest, most efficient way to access the news they want, when they want it. Our flat, adaptive website design not only makes stories clearer and more readable, but also makes them more accessible, whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or even a smart TV. 

The main page is now a news feed that places all the most recent stories at your fingertips. Endless scrolling allows you to browse chronologically and catch up on any posts you may have missed. To dig deeper into our content, you can drill down by subject matter using the channels along the top bar. Feel free to return to these landing pages at any time to get up to date posts about whatever interests you, from crime stories to small-business news to local music coverage. 

Use our new easy-access tip line (found under the + sign) to provide our editors with quick, anonymous tips about anything from breaking news to the bigger stories you want told. The icons in the top right corner allow you to follow all our social media channels and the envelope lets you sign up for our daily email alert, ensuring that regardless of your preferred medium, you’ll never miss out on the latest Long Beach news.

More important than what is already a part of this redesign is what is yet to come. This new website serves as a platform for an evolving project that we will be adding to and experimenting with in an effort to make it more efficient, more useable and more robust. With your insight and input, we can make the Post better, which is why we ask you to please tell us what you think, the good and the bad, as we continue to find the best way to provide you the stories of Long Beach.

Feel free to leave a comment below or email [email protected].