Iconic toy company Hasbro will debut an official Monopoly: Long Beach Edition this fall, but before they do, residents will have the chance to suggest which locations will be represented on the board.

A press conference at 2ND & PCH Thursday morning featured an appearance from Mr. Monopoly himself to celebrate the occasion.

The new Long Beach-themed game will feature cultural landmarks, natural destinations, local favorites and come with customized Community Chest and Chance playing cards that pay homage to the city.

Although a “Long Beach-Opoly” hit shelves years ago, it wasn’t officially licensed by Hasbro. The 100-year-old toy company currently sells over 20 community Monopoly editions that feature cities like Huntington Beach, Nashville, Portland and more.

Everyone from lifelong residents to newcomers are encouraged to submit which spots they think deserve a space on the board. The board will have 22 squares that need to be filled for the game.

“We chose Long Beach for the next city edition of Monopoly because we know how much the LBC prides itself on authenticity and being proud of who you are,” Aaron Green, a representative at Top Trumps USA, which will be working on the game, said in a statement. “It’s important that we create an accurate portrayal of what everyone loves about Long Beach. We’re excited for folks to submit their recommendations.”

Submissions should be emailed to [email protected] where they will be reviewed, tallied and considered through the board’s curation process. The deadline to submit is Feb. 23.

The game will launch nationwide in the fall of 2024 and be available in retail stores and online partners including CVS, Amazon and more.