Long Beach is planning for its annual homeless count, set for Jan. 25, 2024, and the city is hoping to enlist some 300 volunteers to help out.

The point-in-time count is required to apply for some federal grants and other funding that pays for homeless programs and housing. The data collected also helps the city and nonprofits figure out what kinds of assistance and services unhoused people in Long Beach need.

The city’s health department will need volunteers who are 18 or older and are able to attend a two-hour orientation (virtual or in person) some time before the count. They will also need to complete a four-hour shift the day of the event.

During the count, volunteers will be part of a team that’s assigned to walk a specific area and ask consenting unhoused people a series of questions, as long as they agree to take the survey.

To register online as a volunteer, fill out this form. More information about the point-in-time count and the city’s homelessness-related efforts is available here.